Posted by Sapien_Human_Ranking at Feb. 3, 2019, 3:46 p.m.

Many great philosophers say that there is no such thing as a greater good. There also could not be a single rating for everyone – people are complex creatures and have a very different point of view on the world that surrounds them. We want to create a rating that will be meaningful for every user.
Let us look on the example – a person may like road bikes, be popular and appreciated in his company. Some older person will not share his passion and will want to give a bad rating for noisiness and dangerous style of living. We believe that all parties of this situations are right.
When you look on a person or company rating in Sapien, you may see a total blended rank and separately – a rank from people that share similar opinion with you.

We achieve this by using cluster analysis and statistical clusterization to form groups of users by their convictions and ratings to common entities. You will be able find out an opinion from someone who have a similar belief with you. Exactly how you are recommended a new book or a movie on a website, you may also be recommended to visit a new organization or get in touch with a person that you will be interested in.

You are welcome to become a part of the greatest Sapien project just now 💙.

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