Posted by Valery Tsepkalo at March 26, 2023, 7:35 p.m.

❗Urgent Measures to Prevent Nuclear War
On March 25, 2023, Putin announced that Russia plans to return nuclear weapons to Belarus. This is a violation of the 1994 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons by one of the parties to the agreement. I was one of the participants in the preparation of this document on the part of the Republic of Belarus. Great Britain and the United States also signed the treaty and undertook obligations to guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Belarus. I can responsibly say that politicians underestimate the role of the terrorist Lukashenko in unleashing World War III with nuclear weapons, just as they underestimated his ability to terrorize European countries with emigrants from Africa or to hijack an international airliner in 2021. Today the world stands on the brink of World War III, and we must do everything we can to prevent catastrophe. Lukashenko has repeatedly publicly threatened to use nuclear weapons from the territory of Belarus against European countries, including Great Britain. Similar threats were made against Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Germany and many other Western countries. Belarusians have no doubt, because we know this character better than anyone else, that these threats could easily be carried out and could lead to millions of casualties among residents of Western capitals. Putin is well aware that his hands are tied in the use of nuclear weapons by complex decision-making procedures in the Russian Federation. Lukashenko getting nuclear weapons is tantamount to handing them over to any terrorist already recognized by the international community. There is not a single person or institution in Belarus capable of preventing the launching of nuclear weapons at Western capitals, which means that if this monkey with a grenade wants it, it will be done.

Therefore, we urge you to:
1. Immediately convene an emergency summit involving the guarantor countries of the Budapest Memorandum, as well as the European Union, and invite representatives of the democratic forces of Belarus with the necessary competence as well as diplomatic experience to discuss the situation and take urgent action.
2. Together with the countries of the European Union, issue an ultimatum to Mr. Lukashenko to release all political prisoners, as well as to immediately withdraw all Russian troops from the territory of Belarus. Otherwise, all freight trains from Belarus to EU countries should be blocked.
3. Show will and officially recognize Lukashenko's regime as a terrorist regime and issue an International Criminal Court arrest warrant for this criminal